Thursday, March 28, 2013

Turkmenistan and Philippines Rivalry

I read from the news today from a local letterhead printing that the rivalry between Turkmenistan and the Philippines is one that we can all look forward to in the upcoming AFC Challenge Cup in March 2014.  The article I read eve said that the two countries match up in the Group E qualifiers held in Rizal Memorial Stadium was a preview of the finals.

Well, that will surely something to look forward to. With Turkmenistan having some great opportunities against the Azkals and showing some good defense as well, it would really be a good finals match if both teams overcome their other rivals on thwe way to the finals.

To Each His Own During the Holidays

It's Holy Week here in the Philippines and many are on vacation - one of the very long weekends being anticipated throughout the year. While many take this time to reflect on what Christ did thousands of years ago, there are those who choose to take advantage of the holidays to getaway and enjoy outdoor trips arguing that they meditate on Christ's sacrifice all throughout the year.

Well, for those who do that, they do plan their trip and escapade months before and prepare for it by securing outdoor stuff from and the like. I, on the other hand, choose to stay at home, watch The Passion video and play a little bit of FIFA 13. To each his own.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Philippine Azkals are Through to the AFC Challenge Cup in Maldives

The Philippines national football team is through to the AFC Challenge Cup in Maldives after topping Group E of the group stage held in Rizal Memorial Stadium. I dropped some of the best free audible books I was listening to so I could keep track of the games via Twitter as I was out of the house during the matches.

The Azkals, together with the other two teams in Group E, received three points for Brunei's withdrawal from the tournament. They routed Cambodia 8-0 and Turkmenistan with a 1-0 win to top the qualifying stage. The Philippine Azkals' line up is the best by far and they might just be able to grab the AFC Challenge Cup championship at Maldives.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Listening to Music and Watching Football Vidoes

I love listening to music and watching football videos of goals and soccer bloopers. Those two things are what I do when I have time to spare online. When I listen to music and watch football videos, I like playing them loud. But the problem is may people around me do not appreciate the high volume. So I turn to using headphones. One of the few headphones I really like is the audio technica ath-m50. It gives a rich and brilliant sound on the highs and a solid bass sound. This combination makes listening to music and watching football videos more dynamic.