Monday, February 20, 2012

Watching The Game With A Friend

A friend invited me to watch a soccer game at their home; because I was free that time plus the fact that one of the teams that will play is my favorite, I eagerly agreed. It was my first time to be in his house so I don’t know what I will discover there about him.

When we were at his pad, I was surprised to notice the neatly arranged sala set covered with contemporary fabric and in general, the place was clean as if it was not owned by a single man. Anyway, he turned on the TV because the game was about to start.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Way You Play

In every game that an individual plays or the team play, the only goal is to end the game victoriously. Aside from the trophies and even cash received for winning the games, such as my favorite soccer game, nothing can beat the feeling of winning.

Although no one wins the game all the time, as sometimes one may end up as a loser, still it is said that “it’s not how you lost the game; it is how you play the game”. I guess, not all may agree but will it be a sweet victory if you dirtily play the game and end up winning? I guess not.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Popcorn and Juice? or Popcorn and Softdrinks?

As a soccer fanatic, I think it is a crime to miss a soccer game especially when the ones playing are my favorite teams! One time, I was in my room and the game will start in less than an hour on my favorite sport , so I prepared popcorn and juice. While sipping my juice, I accidentally stepped on one of my bedroom vanities and slipped! The juice was all over me and I`m a total mess!

I took a quick bath so as not to miss the game and thankfully, I didn`t miss out on anything. Man! I guess popcorn and juice doesn`t compliment each other. Now I know why they always sell popcorn with soft drinks and not with juice.