Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Younghusband Brothers Out of the Peace Cup Line Up

I recently learned that Phil and James Younghusband are out of the Philippine Azkals line up for the Philippine Football Peace Cup 2012. According to PFF, they were removed from the list for the tournament due to “economic and non-economic” reasons. Coach Hans Michael Weiss also added that the Younghuband brothers were not able to keep their promise in terms of making the Philippine football team their highest priority and that he has been lenient with them for about a year. However, PFF clarified and said, “ This is not a sanction to anyone. They're just not selected. Coaching staff chose the best players.”

With all these happening right before the Philippine Football Peace Cup which our country is hosting, I am concerned about the team. But, I am positive that this would strengthen the team and that many of the players selected to play will step up. I still feel like getting a free prepaid credit card and buying tickets for all my friends to help support the Azkals as they face Guam tonight, Macau on the 27th and Chinese Taipei on the 29th. Their involvement in this tournament is part of their preparation for the Suzuki Cup and there are other preparations like the Bahrain camp on October and Japan camp early November. I hope that get the best out of these preparations and not get too exhausted by it.

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