Monday, March 5, 2012

Real Madrid Swept Aside Espanyol

Scoring 5-0 against Espanyol, Real Madrid got back to their game in last Sunday’s La Liga. Their victory restored their 10-point gap to Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo opened the game, hitting his 30th personal goal for the season. Sami Khedira and Kaka also hit additional score on the next rounds. Before half-time, Espanyol’s defense got stronger as their goalkeeper, Kiko Casilla took 2 good saves. However, on their 78th minute the teamwork of Kaka and Gonzalo Higuaín left no chance for Casilla to save and made their first-touch strike. Real Madrid took their best shot and swept aside Espanyol. Watch the re-runs on your Epson TM-T88V to get the whole action of the game.

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Rachel S said...

Go Ronaldo!!! I`m your biggest fan!!!