Monday, December 26, 2011

Being Honest One Hot Day

As an avid fan of soccer, standing in a very long line to watch the game is just normal. There was this one hot day and the sun was up high in the sky. I was sweating profusely but I didn’t mind it because I am willing to sacrifice just to see my favorite game and of course, my favorite player. I was falling in line, waiting for my turn to enter the grand stadium when I heard something and when I looked down, I saw some military challenge coins.

At first I did not recognize them, but then after some hesitations, I picked them up and gave them to the man in front of me because it was his. He happily thanked me and even added that those coins have sentimental value and that he was very thankful that I returned them to him.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Perfect Christmas Gift

Soccer has existed since time immemorial but it is only nowadays that it has become a craze among different nations around the world. Even soccer uniforms have become a popular topic on the World Wide Web and a lot of sites are offering soccer uniforms for a cheap price.

While surfing the internet for a soccer uniform to be given as a gift to a friend of mine who is a soccer fanatic, a lot of advertisements popped-up on my screen and what caught my attention was medical scrubs from Marcus uniforms. The medical scrub suits they offer were very pleasant to the eyes and looked very comfortable to wear.

So I searched if they also offer soccer uniforms and fortunately, they do! I browsed the site for a lot of soccer uniforms but couldn`t decide since almost everything was beautiful until I saw a blue soccer uniform embroidered with my friend`s favorite soccer team. Now I have the perfect gift to my friend this Christmas.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why Record A Soccer Game?

For sports enthusiasts like me, you know how important it is to keep record, video record, that is, of the most memorable games of our favorite soccer team, right? As for me, whenever I watch soccer games on television, or even watch it live in a stadium, I always see to it that I record each game so that I won’t be missing important portions and “memorable” events during a single game.

Sometimes, if my friends were not able to watch the entire soccer game, I lend them the recorded video, or we either watch it together in my place, or in their places, wherever we feel like watching it. But there are instances that a certain game is worth watching over and over again, so what we do is go to dvd or cd replication stalls and have the recorded video recopied so that my friends can have a copy, too!