Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Team’s Lucky Charm

One of the highs of a football game is the performance of the team’s mascot. Every viewer would know which team is on the grounds by looking at the mascot. It has one responsibility: to cheer up and represent the group with a common public identity. They also say that it brings luck to the players.

Normally, mascots come in funny costumes, from animals, persons, to objects. They would always wear funny t shirts and act in amusing ways. They would often come out with the cheering squad shouting the football team’s name. Whenever the players feel down and disheartened with their scores, the mascot acts as their lucky charm and encourager.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

When Disaster Strikes

Months ago, there has been a report regarding two (2) high school students found dead while scuba diving. Scoops said that the two students namely Stephen Anderson and Keegan Aiazzi were football players from Carson High School.

According to the news, the two were visiting California and decided for a swim. They were 19 people participating in the group dive when Stephen and Keegan failed to resurface. What really happened? No one knows. Maybe before the incident, they were asking one another these notes: “ where do I buy an underwater scuba mask?" Nonetheless, the victims were found about 40 feet under water and in cardiac arrest. The two boys were pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lifestyle of Football Stars

Have you tried running around a football field? Most certainly, you will not even get through half of the sports ground without sweating yourself and panting. For most of the soccer players, this is just a normal routine. A day loaded with rigid workout to prepare for a big game in particular.

Well, there are also times when these teams take a break and enjoy their own personal activities. Some would go spend time with their families, while others go to spa, armed with their yoga mats and loose up with tranquil exercises. Others unwind through out-of-town leisure and some choose to just sleep in their favorite bed. Whichever way, they make the most of their time for they know that after these, it's back in the game again.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Phil and Angel, the Real Score

It was just this year when Phil Younghusband of the Philippine Azkals admitted having a soft spot for Angel Locsin. Not long after, there were instances that the two were spotted together. Rumor has it that they are exclusively dating but still denies it by spilling the famous lines, “we’re just friends.”

Fans were shocked when a tuna commercial were released having both the sexy Angel and Younghusband as the main endorser. In addition to that, Locsin was present in one of the Azkal games. Now they are making a lot of buzz in the industry, are they really together? It need not be answered. Both of them are always seen as sweet as a piece of Sharis cakes and desserts.

Wheels for the Stars

“Where there is money and men, there will be cars.” Well, truth be told, cars are men’s best friend. They even have a name for it. Your favorite soccer players are not excused to that. David Beckham has had driven a Ford Escort back in the 90’s. Wayne Rooney of Manchester United has a $1.5 million worth of collection that includes Bentley Continental GT.

You can tell how rich your player is by his auto collections. It does not end in that. Of course, special treatment has to be given to their lovely cars. They got to have the complete accessories, especially nissan armada custom floor mats for their Nissan coupe.