Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sabbath Day: When is it?

When professional football players go into other places for competition, they don’t tire themselves with trainings after trainings. Next to the numerous work outs, there is still that one Sabbath day where they can enjoy the place and what it offers.

At these times, you can see these pros walking at the mall, looking for new gadgets to buy, trying out iphone case with different football designs fit to their lifestyle, eating in different restaurants, taking pictures and searching for anything they can collect as souvenirs from the place. It helps them relax and escape the pressure of the game even for a moment.

Game 2 AFC Challenge Cup: Philippines vs. Mongolia

This coming March, the Philippine Azkals will fly to Mongolia to compete with the Mongolian Blue Wolves. Going from their home court to another place, the players will really adjust themselves to the culture, food, and even the temperature of the new location.

From the tropical climate of the Philippines to the cold temperature in Mongolia, no wonder the Filipino National Football team will have their bags packed with sweat shirts, bonnets, jackets, and heated blanket. What may the weather conditions be, the Azkals will try their best to advance into the Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup, bringing the name of their country at heart.

Big Game Preparations

You won’t be able to kick the ball high if you don’t look healthy. That’s why soccer teams enjoy training for countless hours sweating themselves running around the field, stretching their joints and muscles to keep themselves in good physical shape for the big game.

This regular physical routine goes hand in hand with a healthy food intake and best weight loss supplements prescribed by their trusted physicians. In addition, participants are also advised to have enough rest after the work out so that their bodies recover the strength that it released and their minds get prepared to think quickly.

Back in the Game

Being a soccer player, one must build the body and stamina qualified for the game because at the competition itself, every participant inevitably doesn’t escape physical blows and injuries from their team mates and opponent. The team cannot manage to lose a part every time this happens. They need each piece, they play as a team.

When members get hurt, often they take human growth hormone shots to maximize the healing process. It strengthens their muscles and tissues restoring all the injuries. For starters, people all know that hgh is used for people with growth deficiencies, but now, having had the said effect and with additional benefits, even the pro athletes take advantage on it.

An Athlete's Peronal Quarters

If you go to an athlete’s house, most of the things, gadgets, and furniture have touches of sporty effect. They love this because it brings about that active personality via their house’s impression.
Soccer players definitely hire interior decorators to design their private abode. They care less throwing off bucks just to make sure the plan would stick to their expected athletic motif. Some of them even suggest to hang soccer ball shaped wind chimes in their garden doors for additional ornament. Once the house is finished, all the team members are invited for a house blessing and you know what happens next – it’s time to party!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How a SOccer Player Stays FIt

Football athletes are disciplined very well in terms of physical fitness. Coaches instruct each member to beat themselves in successive training work outs including jogging, running, and swimming. Proper diet accompanied with enough rest and intake of health supplements are counted as fitness rules.

Before the game day approaches, it is vital for the players to have a medical check up. Doctors often recommend for them to take colonetix to cleanse their colon, flushing away wastes and give back the important nutrients the players need. So, before the team maneuver’s the ball they will be at their best as they kick it to the goal.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Taking the Toll on Soccer

The sports soccer is a field game in which teams move the ball by kicking, thrusting it to the opponent’s goal. The whole team is always alert for every strike reaches a direct aim.

In these activities, most of the time players suffer from osteoarthritis affecting their knees and hip reaching the spine. They share the overwhelming pain in their joints, restricting them to make any movements. What the doctors prescribe them is to stop playing for a certain period of time if they begin to feel something in their joints. Also they recommend visiting for effective supplements that can help in their condition.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Side Effects of Phentermine

With a large crowd of diet pills advertised and promoted by manufacturers, there is one that is commonly used by professional soccer players. Together with their routine exercise and proper diet, they use Phentermine, an appetite suppressant, to help them maintain their required weight.

However, every user knows that drugs have its advantages and disadvantages. The side effects of phentermine vary from the person taking it but at some cases the common symptoms include: diarrhea, fatigue, depression, drowsiness, insomnia, irritability, In any case, these warning signs don’t matter to the pros because they know that the advantage still outweighs the side effects.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Continuing Education in Football

In football, much like the business field, we must continue educating ourselves of new training techniques, routines, skills and tactics. You can learn from well experienced coaches, Amazon books or from athletes who have experienced being part of international tournaments or competitions. Their experience can help a team or newbies increase their knowledge in football and help them become more competitive.