Tuesday, October 19, 2010

E-mail Sent from India

Below is an em-mail sent to me by a person subscribed to my blog:

Dear Football Videos and Pictures,

I am a high school soccer player based in India and I would like to know if you have tips on how to lose weight really fast. I have been out of shape during summer and gained a lot of weight. I hope you can give some specific things I can do. Thanks.

HS Football Player form India

Thank you for taking time to e-mail us. If you are wanting to get back in shape and lose weight, my main recommendation is to run laps in the football field and get back into regular training with your club. If you do not have a regular training schedule, you can do it on your own. Training is the key and in a few weeks you can get back into shape with the proper training. Try to do jogging laps and also do speed and endurance training exercises.

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