Friday, July 30, 2010

A Football Field That's Uncared For

Today I saw a football field that was left uncared for. It has actually been abused because its owners have allowed for different activities to be held on it and the grass that used to be so green are now gone and you can just see dirt covering the grass that used to be there.

In some portions of the field, especially the goal area, the holes are so deep that you would think diamonds are being mined there. But they are like that because the owners just allow people to play football. That’s a bit of dilemma for the owners, I think. Will they disallow players for a time and rehabilitate the pitch but rob the footballers of their joy, or should they allow them to play their most loved game but let the field suffer? The way the field is being cared for (or uncared for) is just a bit saddening. I hope they notice that soon and start the rehabilitation.

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