Thursday, June 24, 2010

Group D - Ghana vs Germany and Australia vs Serbia Preview, Analysis and Prediction: World Cup 2010

Ghana and Germany, the first and second in the Group D rankings in the World Cup 2010 are scheduled to face off at 20:30 South Africa time simultaneous with the Australia vs Serbia match.

Ghana comes from a victory and a draw but have scored a goal on both games. Germany, on the other hand comes from a 4-0 win on its first game and a goalless loss against Serbia in its last outing. Ghana will avoid a loss to keep itself qualified for the Round of 16 while Germany will be desperate to win in case the Australia vs Serbia does not draw. A win from either Serbia or Australia will and a loss by Germany will put the winner of the mentioned match in the second rank of Group D. Between Ghana and Germany, I predict Germany to win but Ghana will fight back to avoid disqualification in case Serbia wins against Australia.

For the Australia vs Serbia. I predict a win by Serbia which comes from a win against Germany but a loss against Ghana. Australia, on the other hand, has never won a game in the group stage but still has a chance to qualify for the next stage if they win with at least 2 goals and Ghana loses goalless. Group D performance makes Serbia the possible winner against Australia.

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