Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Tip From a Soccer Hobbyist

Are you having trouble sprinting for the ball when you play soccer? Well, the first thing you need to do is get to your normal weight range. That would depend on your height and age. If you are too heavy you will need to exercise or even use a diet pill to bring your weight down. If you are too light, you need to gain weight. Once you reach your normal weight range, you then can start training your body for the work it needs to do. Just a simple tip from a soccer hobbyist.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

West Ham (0-1) Chelsea Match Goal 04/25/2009

Chelsea kept their slim title hopes alive with a win against West Ham. Florent Malouda went close as Chelsea dominated before Kieron Dyer was denied by Peter Cech and Diego Tristan's flick was cleared off the line. Salomon Kalou gave Chelsea the lead when he volleyed in from Frank Lampard's cross, and later Ashley Cole hit the bar as the Hammers were pinned back.The picture of the goal scorer of the match can be viewed below.

0-1 Salomon Kalou 55"

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keeping Fit During Off Season

If you are playing football, you need to keep yourself fit. Keeping a diet and having regular running and soccer exercises even during the off season. If eating too much keeps you from doing so, you might need a natural appetite suppressant. But the best way to stay fit is regular exercise so that you can prepare yourself to be match-fit during the season.

Liverpool (4-4) Arsenal Match Pictures

Liverpool experienced a day at the top of the Premier League after an Anfield classic against Arsenal - but the remarkable four goals of Andrey Arshavin delivered a serious blow to their title ambitions.

Rafael Benitez will no doubt praise Liverpool's spirit and ambition, as he did after a similar result in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge last week, but despite a vibrant attacking display they had defensive weaknesses fatally undermined their chance in the match.

Liverpool's point puts them ahead of Manchester United on goal difference for a day but went down to second again as Manchester United defeated Portsmouth.

Pictures of the goal scorers can be seen below. (Credits to

0-1 Andrey Arshavin 36"

1-1 Fernando Torres 49"

2-1 Yossi Benayoun 56"

2-2 Andrey Arshavin 67"

2-3 Andrey Arshavin 70"

3-3 Fernando Torres

3-4 Andrey Arshavin 90"

4-4 Yossi Benayoun 90"

Friday, April 24, 2009

One of David Beckham's Top 10 Cars - Aston Martin DB7

Let’s take a peek at one of David Beckham’s top 10 cars. Armed with probably more than a million dollars a week salary, it is not impossible for him to get every must own car possible. Take a peek at this Aston Martin DB7. Breathtaking! Now, I wonder if these celebrities ever have to pay for auto insurance at all. I highly doubt it, the fact that they could easily change luxury cars on a whim. Unless of course, if the insurance would come in with the purchase.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arsenal (3-0) Villareal 2nd Leg (agg4-1)

Arsenal dominated in attacking to beat 10-man Villarreal and set up a Champions League semi-final showdown with Manchester United. Theo Walcott scored an early first goal in the 10th minute of play, collecting a Cesc Fabregas flick before running clear and chipping in. Emmanuel Adebayor put the hosts firmly in charge, producing a neat finish with the outside of his right foot in the 60th minute. Sebastian Eguren was then sent off for disputing an Arsenal penalty that Robin van Persie scored to seal the win.
Pictures of the football match's goal scorers can be seen below courtesy of

1-0 Theo Walcott 10"

2-0 Emmanuel Adebayor

3-0 Robin Van Persie 69" (penalty)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Soccer Shoes on Sale

The first thing that a serious football athlete should think of really investing on is a good pair of soccer shoes. They do not always come in cheap, in fact there is almost no chance they ever come in cheap. Your best bet to get a pair of good quality soccer shoes is to wait until your favorite sports depot is on sale. This is my next project. My one year old soccer shoes has been nagging to get its replacement.

Porto (0-1) Manchester United 2nd Leg (agg2-3)

Cristiano Ronaldo sent in a stunning winner as Manchester United beat Porto to seal a Champions League semi-final tie against Arsenal. Ronaldo's thunderous early strike from almost 40 yards flew into the top corner.

This win set the Red Devils as the only English football club to win at Porto in the Champions League. Below is a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo as he took the shot for the winning goal. (credits to

0-1 Cristiano Ronaldo 6"

Back to Training Schedules

If you happen to be a football athlete like me, you will understand that every training and exercise counts. Because of so many things that in my schedule, I do not always get to attend trainings. I know it should not be a surprise if I have gained more than a few pounds. But more than looking into a diet pill that works, I know I just have to get back to my regular exercise routine. This is what I will do after these next couple of weeks.

Emmanuel Adebayor of Arsenal

Emmanuel Adebayor of Arsenal and his up to date statistics.

*stats courtesy of Wikipedia

Friday, April 17, 2009

Safety Tips for Watching a Football Match

Have you ever watched a live football match? Have you ever seen a soccer stadium filled to the extent that you could not see the exit signs anymore? I know that this is a silly question to ask Europeans and Latin Americans as soccer, or more popularly known as football, where a single football match can reach between 30,000 to 40,000 in attendance.

In these cases, it is very important to locate the nearest exit sign right away. That is just in case something happens. Especially with stadiums that do not have tight security, riots are just waiting to happen. Take into consideration also the clubs involved in the match and their fans. Sometimes a real heated and emotional football game can increase the risk of a riot.

So, a very easy tip is to know where the EXIT SIGNS are and know the easiest route to get to them. Wear clothes that are appropriate for watching a football match and the weather. Clothes that are too heavy for you to run in can also increase the chances of you being stuck inside the soccer stadium if a riot explodes. These are just simple safety tips to take note of when watching a live football match.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Manchester United (2-2) Porto 1st Leg, 2009

Manchester United's grasp on the Champions League hangs by a thread after FC Porto left Old Trafford with a well-deserved draw - and two crucial away goals - on a disappointing night for the Red Devils. Carlos Tevez's strike five minutes from time looked to have given United an advantage they barely merited as they looked a pale shadow of a side on course to collect an historic haul of five trophies. But as Old Trafford breathed a sigh of relief, Porto delivered what could turn out to be the telling blow when Mariano scrambled home a last-minute leveler to rekindle dark memories of United's exit to the same team five years ago.

Pictures and goals of the match can be viewed below.

0-1 Cristian Rodriguez 4"

Cristian Rodriguez's strike

1-1 Wayne Rooney 15"

Wayne Rooney smoothly leads the ball past the Porto keeper

2-1 Carlos Tevez 85"

Carlos Tevez receives the applause of fans

2-2 Mariano Gonzales 89"

Mariano Gonzales gets to the ball before Van Persie

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Waiting for Video Updates From My Source

Providing viewable videos in this Football Videos and Pictures blog has been very enjoyable. It has been really fun scavenging and collecting videos of goals, especially the important goals by new and old stars.

But, lately, my sources of the videos that I post here in my football blog have not been updating download links for the newer matches. Maybe he hasn’t been watching from his San Francisco Satellite Television and recording videos of the latest matches. I’m not really sure but this has been in my thoughts lately.

It is also the reason why I have been posting football pictures instead of videos for the latest matches in the Champions League and Premiere League. I do not have San Francisco satellite tv that’s why I can’t record videos of the goals right away and post them. I am dependent on my source who has Satellite TV San Francisco service and I am waiting for his download link updates.

There are other sources, like Youtube, but the videos there aren’t as clear as the ones that my source provides. Football Videos and Pictures is committed to providing wuality video clips of football goals and highlights so I will make it a point to update posts that has pictures only with videos as sson as I get a hold of them.

Adebayor's Overhead Kick Level Villareal 1-1 Arsenal Match

Emmanuel Adebayor's day-saving overhead kick earned Arsenal a crucial draw in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final against Villarreal. Adebayor chested down a Cesc Fabregas pass and acrobatically volleyed home to get the Gunners a crucial away goal.

Villarreal had dominated the first 45 minutes and got the lead when Marcos Senna struck in a screamer from 30 yards. But Arsenal improved and Adebayor headed wide before the Togo striker conjured up his piece of magic.

Pictures of the goal scorers of this football match can be seen below. Credits to for the pictures.

1-0 Marcos Senna 10"

1-1 Emmanuel Adebayor 66"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our regular Football Games Have Resumed

Summer has done a lot of good for our football club. No, it’s not the chance to go on Vegas vacations that’s good but, since school is out, more and more players are available in our pool and our regular tune-up games have resumed. In fact, last Saturday, we played a great game with Claret FC and we won 3-2. We hope that this Saturday, we’d be able to play again.

Manchester United Get Back On Top, Win vs Aston Villa (3-2)

Federico Macheda, a 17-year-old, scored the winning goal as Manchester United regained top spot in the Premier League. The Italian substitute turned in the box and curled in a superb strike to make his debut the stuff of dreams.

Cristiano Ronaldo began the scoring from an indirect free-kick after a James Milner backpass, before John Carew's header leveled the score. Gabriel Agbonlahor's header in the 58th minute put Villa in front only for Ronaldo to equalize with a low shot and Macheda to snatch victory.

Pictures of the goal scorers of the football match can be seen below courtesy of

1-0 Cristiano Ronaldo 14"

1-1 John Carew 30"

1-2 Gabriel Agbonlahor 58"

2-2 Cristiano Ronaldo 80"

3-2 Federico Macheda 90"

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sports Seniors' Financial Options

Being into sports, I can’t help but notice many great athletes who have become champions and very popular, end their careers penniless and without any savings to at least take care of their basic needs during retirement. Seeing great boxers, Olympic medalists and other greats in different sports arenas this way makes me feel sorry about their situation. It makes me wonder what difference it would have made if they thought about and availed of social security.

Maybe some of them did but it doesn’t look that way now. Or the monthly amount they receive is just not enough to meet their monthly needs. Maybe their monthly expenses are just too much. Or maybe they did not avail of that service during their earning years.

If they did and if their monthly expenses are just too much, they can actually try the option of getting their monthly pension in advance. They can contact companies that offer services like this. One of the companies is
This is an online professional financial firm that has a network of resources, expertise in the finance industry and advanced tools which they can utilize to help senior clients from whatever background, sports or non-sports.

During these times of financial crisis one has to learn to adapt to the changing financial market. With financial institutions going bankrupt, one has to think about other options. What if the company handling one’s pensions collapses? There has to be a fallback or, better yet, one has to take pre-emptive action.

Fulham Surprised with Loss vs Liverpool as Benayoun Scores Late

Liverpool got a chance to move top of the Premier League with a dramatic injury-time winner from Yossi Benayoun at Fulham. But this was only temporary as Manchester United later win against Aston Villa.

The Reds struck very late after hitting the woodwork four times in the match. Andrea Dossena hit the bar twice - each time with a header, Xabi Alonso volleyed against the bar and Fernando Torres dragged a shot against the post.

But on the 92nd minute, Benayoun drove in from 12 yards to grab the win for the Reds. Benyoun's strike was met with wild celebrations on the touchline as Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez and his staff released pent-up emotions after they had been frustrated viewers for more than an hour-and-a-half.

The picture of Benayoun's celebration after his goal is below.

0-1 Yossi Benayoun 90"

Adebayor's Return Give 2-0 Win for Arsenal vs Manchester City

Emmanuel Adebayor came back from injury to score double as Arsenal beat Manchester City. Cesc Fabregas, also returning from a long spell out, was responsible for the superb free-kick for the Togo striker to head his first goal.

City's Gelson Fernandes almost equalized when he struck the post from eight yards out, while Kolo Toure and Andrei Arshavin went close for the Gunners. But Arsenal sealed the win when Adebayor rounded Shay Given after being played in by Fabregas's exquisite pass.

It was the perfect comeback from the Arsenal pair, who combined to excellent effect throughout - with the returning Theo Walcott also catching the eye.

Pictures of the Arsenal (2-0) Manchester City match goals can be seen below (credits to

1-0 Emmanuel Adebayor 8"

2-0 Emmanuel Adebayor 49"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting Back to Our Club's Regular Schedule

This afternoon, I am excited because I finally have a free schedule which means I will be able to join our football club, Marikina United FC for a tune-up game with Claret Alumni FC at the Marikina Sports Park. It has been a long time since I drove my second hand car to this sports facility in Marikina for a practice or a football game.

So as I drive my used car there today, I am not really sure if I am in great physical condition for a 90 minute match. But I am sure that we will have enough players in our team this afternoon for me to find a substitute in case I can’t play total 90.

Playing with Claret Alumni is really great. They have good players and they are in their team for the love of the sport. There were times when hot heads clashed but fights were never tolerated during our games.

They also drive to the Marikina Sports Park some with used cars, others with newer ones, especially those who have experienced being a part of the National football team. Individually, our long time tune-up partner’s players are very skilled and as a team, they know how to read each other’s moves.

Our club on the other hand is just 2 seasons old in the tournaments but have been playing and training for football in our free time. This season, we were able to invite some foreigners in our team. We have players who are Chinese, a Tibetan, a Japanese, an Italian and a striker from Yemen. What we need to learn as a team is to have unity in our thoughts and competency in our roles in the pitch. I hope that as we hold our weekly tune-up schedules we would be able to play more with united minds.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Goal Videos: Fulham 2-0 Manchester United

Below are the videos of the goals of the Fulham (2-0) Manchester United match in the Champions League.

1-0 Danny Murphy 18"

2-0 Zoltan Gera 87"