Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting Back to Our Club's Regular Schedule

This afternoon, I am excited because I finally have a free schedule which means I will be able to join our football club, Marikina United FC for a tune-up game with Claret Alumni FC at the Marikina Sports Park. It has been a long time since I drove my second hand car to this sports facility in Marikina for a practice or a football game.

So as I drive my used car there today, I am not really sure if I am in great physical condition for a 90 minute match. But I am sure that we will have enough players in our team this afternoon for me to find a substitute in case I can’t play total 90.

Playing with Claret Alumni is really great. They have good players and they are in their team for the love of the sport. There were times when hot heads clashed but fights were never tolerated during our games.

They also drive to the Marikina Sports Park some with used cars, others with newer ones, especially those who have experienced being a part of the National football team. Individually, our long time tune-up partner’s players are very skilled and as a team, they know how to read each other’s moves.

Our club on the other hand is just 2 seasons old in the tournaments but have been playing and training for football in our free time. This season, we were able to invite some foreigners in our team. We have players who are Chinese, a Tibetan, a Japanese, an Italian and a striker from Yemen. What we need to learn as a team is to have unity in our thoughts and competency in our roles in the pitch. I hope that as we hold our weekly tune-up schedules we would be able to play more with united minds.

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