Friday, February 29, 2008

Real Madrid Beaten as Roma Come From Behind

Real Madrid was beaten by Roma 1-2 after a recovery of the latter from being a goal behind in the Champions League last 16 first leg match.

They first took the lead through Raul Gonzales' goal in the 7th minute and dominated the majority of the possession in the first half. On the 23rd minute, David Pizarro sent in Mancini's cut back. Roma then turned the game around on the 57th minute as Alessandro Mancini rounded Casillas and shot home a goal.

Real dominated thereafter but Roma dug in and held on for a narrow first leg win.

Video clips of the goals of the match can be viewed below.

0-1 Raul Gonzales 7"

1-1 David Pizarro 23"

2-1 Alessandro Mancini 57"

Video of Goals for Celtic-Barcelona Match

This is a follow up entry to the one posted previously about the UEFA Champions League match between Celtic and Barcelona. Video clips of the goals can be viewed below.

1-0 Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink 15"
1-1 Lionel Messi 18"
2-1 Barry Robson 38"
2-2 Thierry Henry 52"
2-3 Lionel Messi 79"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barcelona Ends Celtic's Home European Record

FC Barcelona showed their class ending Celtic's home European record with a 3-2 win. Celtic took the lead at the 15th minute with a powerful header from Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink but Lionel Messi leveled the match a few minutes later.

A looping header by debutant Barry Robson just before the end of the first half put Celtic back in the lead. But Thierry Henry tied the game with a goal in the 52nd minute and Barca dominated the second half. Lionel Messi sent in a second goal in the 79th minute giving Barcelona the win.

Pictures of the goal scorers can be viewed below.

1-0 Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink 15"

1-1 Lionel Messi 18"

2-1 Barry Robson 38"

2-2 Thierry Henry 52"

2-3 Lionel Messi 79"

Making Money Through My Football Blog

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Update on Eduardo da Silva's Injury

Eduardo da Silva's horrific injury sustained from the challenge of Birmingham City's Martin Taylor has been identified as a fractured left fibula and open dislocation of the ankle joint. Arsenal said that his injury was not career-threatening and that Eduardo could be back in action by the end of the year.

"The orthopaedic surgeon and Arsenal medical staff assessed the extent of the damage and possible timescale for a full recovery," a statement by Arsenal said. "All being well, Eduardo will have his leg in plaster and be using crutches for the next six to eight weeks. After that time, partial weight-bearing exercises will be scheduled into a slow rehabilitation process. It is hoped that Eduardo will be running again in six months' time and making a full recovery after nine months. Eduardo will be released from hospital in a few days."

Arsène Wenger's club said that the operation of Eduardo's left leg had been successful. The operation was undertaken at Selly Oak hospital in Birmingham and since it was succesful, Eduardo has been moved to a London hospital.

This incident has caused a major stir in Croatia, where Eduardo, a naturalized Brazilian, is a national hero. The Croatian striker will miss the Euro 2008 finals.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Football Players Getting Injured

In one of my posts yesterday the videos and pictures say how horrific the injury of the leg of Eduardo da Silva is. Being a football player myself, I cannot imagine how painful that is. Athletes like Eduardo, especially so that he is a professional one is really vulnerable to these kinds of danger. Questions in mind now come playing inside my head, like if insurance grants professional athletes like him Personal Injury insurance, in case of disability. If not, that would be the day! He probably has a family to feed and provide for. I guess with all the support people give towards football and sports in general, I believe these rights have been worked on one way or another.

As for myself, I would really have just got to take extra precaution, no matter how fuzzy that looks like when you’re actually in the game. Because I cannot afford to be in the same kind of injury Eduardo da Silva has got himself in. I only remember getting a bad back using the wrong footing on play. But that got resolved quickly with the help of therapy. As for Eduardo da Silva, I will have to get an update on how his leg is now or if he can play again ever. I will post the news as soon as I get a hold of it.

One Happy Gerrard

Here are a few thumbnail pictures of Steven Gerrard of Arsenal after he capped their win against Inter Milan.

Steven Gerrard, happy about the game's ending.

Steven Gerrard celebrating with his teammates.

Steven Gerrard applauding the crowd.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Liverpool Takes Control of Tie vs Inter Milan (2-0)

Two late goals from Liverpool helped them take control of their tie against Inter Milan. Dirk Kuyt scored the first goal in the 85th minute from Jermaine Pennant's cross via a deflection. And adding more pain to the injury, Steven Gerrard drove the ball into the far corner from 25 yards sending home fans in frenzy.

Video clips of the goals of this match is available for viewing below.

1-0 Dirk Kuyt 85"

2-0 Steven Gerrard 90"

The Need to Recharge

I have been regularly training with my football team, twice or three times a week. The training these past weeks have really gone serious and I have noticed that when it first got intense I knew I needed to exert more to increase my stamina.

After every training day I would always look forward to going to sleep in my cozy bed to recharge. But the thing is, our bed badly needs a replacement. My little guy just about jumped on it until one of the supporting legs gave way. I have been looking into Faux Leather Beds, but I figured with the tropical climate that we have it will not be the most ideal. My wife and I would love to have a new bed with memory foam mattress. We have always wondered how comfortable it would be to have this kind of bed. I am sure my sore muscles after training would greatly benefit from it and that would also be the most ideal for wifey who has back problems due to Scoliosis.

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Eduardo da Silva's Injury

In the recent match between Arsenal and Tottenham, striker Eduardo da Silva was tackled by Martin Taylor of Birmingham in the third minute resulting in an injury of the former. Videos of the tackle and a picture of how serious the broken leg injury of Eduardo is can be viewed below.

Martin Taylor tackles Eduardo da Silva

A picture of the horrific injury of Eduardo da Silva

Injured Eduardo da Silva being carried out on a stretcher

Telemarketing in Football

During football events fans from all over can benefit greatly from telemarketing strategies done by ticket sellers. During the widely awaited football season, tickets sell like pancakes and I believe it would be such great service if ticketing offices would be able to market the tickets via telephone. Fans need not to worry tickets running out on them anymore. It will be so convenient for football fans like myself.

This is just one benefit from telemarketing. Having been in the same field at least a couple of times, I have seen how effective Uk Telemarketing has become, especially so that the world has grown fast paced by the day. A lot of businesses can actually make use of this marketing strategy as if it has proven to be an effective tool. It has become invaluable to people and especially those who do not have extra hands to do appointment making, lead generation, customer maximization, sales training and market research. Increasing revenue and sales is of topmost priorities for businesses online or otherwise.

It would really be very convenient for fans out there to be given this over the edge service to get their tickets. It is actually asking for an extra mile, but telemarketing can actually be the key for their business to grow exponentially.

Arsenal - Birmingham Match: Injury Tainted

It was a tied match when it came to goal scoring but Arsenal got the bitter end as their striker Eduardo da Silva got a horrific injury in the third minute after a tackle by Birmingham's Martin taylor. Two goals form James McFadden, the first and the last goal of the match salvaged Birmingham from the two goals made by Theo Walcott in the 50th and 55th minute. With the McFadden's 90th minute goal, Arsenal was left stunned, particularly Wiliam Gallas who sat down on the pitch for two minutes before Wenger called him to his feet.

Video clips of the goals of this match can be viewed below. The videos and a picture of the tackle on Eduardo will be posted soon on upcoming entries.

0-1 James McFadden 28"

1-1 Theo Walcott 50"

2-1 Theo Walcott 55"

2-2 James McFadden 90" (penalty kick)

Football and Debt Management

Football stars are no doubt big bucks earners. But to say that debts are altogether non-existent in their lifestyle maybe an overstatement. Fact is, it is said that whoever earns much, is probably in debt more than those who earn a regular pay.

I should say that football stars or not, all of humanity would want to get their debts covered and paid up the soonest possible time. For one, no one wants to be in debt. But the ultimate question is how do we really manage our debt effectively? Is there a route that will sure give us that end result?

Debt Management can be very detailed and taxing. But it could be the key to breaking out of debt and be able to fully realize financial freedom. To be able to do this, a household should have a joint vision in keeping it together until the goal of being debt free is accomplished. That is how we do it in my family.

They all say it is easier said than done. Especially for people who are in the edge of bankruptcy. That may be true but you could go ahead and check out for yourself and learn that it is indeed possible to effectively manage your debt.

Carling Cup Final Goals (Chelsea - Tottenham)

Here are the video clips I promised. These are the video clips of the goals in the recent Carling Cup final match between Chelsea and Tottenham where the Hotspurs won 2-1.

1-0 Didier Drogba

1-1 Dimitar Berbatov

1-2 Jonathan Woodgate

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Tottenham Claims Carling Cup with Win vs Chelsea

In front of 87,660 spectators, Tottenham defeated Chelsea 2-1 in Wembley. In this Carling Cup final, Chelsea took the lead with a first-half goal from Didier Drogba and were on the brink of a second successive Carling Cup. However, a second-half penalty kick by Dimitar Berbatov sent the match into extra time. And with just four minutes into the extended period, England defender Jonathan Woodgate capped Tottenham's come from behind win with a fortunate header, earning the Hotspurs their first trophy since the Worthington Cup in 1999. Video clips of the goals in this match to be posted in upcoming posts.

Meeting Your Training Needs

When I began playing football in the 5th grade I didn’t start to receive formal training immediately. It was not until I was in high school that I had some training but, playing in a football club now and receiving far better training than I had before made me realize how much more I needed to learn. provides trainings for popular Sales Courses, Plumbing Courses and Management Courses. All the courses they offer are run regularly with staff that are qualified and with approved training centres ready to meet all training needs in business and economy.

I believe that receiving training this way is very important, even in soccer. This will provide the competitive edge a football player needs.

Monday, February 25, 2008

More Tricks from Cristiano Ronaldo

Here are more tricks from Red Devil team member Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United's match against French champions Lyon. Again, he shows great ball control, balance and leg speed as he does these tricks in an actual match.

Avoiding the Hassles

Watching soccer matches is very exciting and is worth much more than all the hassle of buying tickets, lining up and getting nice seats. Especially when the football club you are cheering for scores a goal, plays well together and wins the match. More so if the match is a very crucial match or the championship match even.

Similarly, shopping during the Christmas season can be a real hassle too. With all the traffic, the lines you have to wait on, and not being able to get the item you want because other people got to it first.

That’s why instead of shopping during the Yuletide season, you can shop items during Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). A Black Friday web site,, lets you purchase Black Friday items online, being the official site for all of the 2008 Black Friday ads as the ads are reported to them during that holiday season. This site offers free stuff such as email alerts that let shoppers know when new black friday ads have been posted.

With their help, shoppers can make their purchases without the hassle of standing in line at the store very early in the morning. You can shop online from stores like Walmart, Office Depot, Game Stop and Old Navy.

Visit their site for more information.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ronaldo's Tricks in ManU-Lyon Match

Cristiano Ronaldo shows a few tricks up his sleeves. In this routine during Manchester United's match against Lyon, he shows great balance and ball control under pressure.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vanity in a Football World

Britons are famous for their passion for football. In a recent news, it is evident that this is not the only thing they are known for. Statistics show that Brits spend the most in cosmetic surgery – this is a brand new figure.

While this news might not come as a surprise, even as the well known better half of Beckham was said to have undergone under the knife for aesthetic purposes, this is something I personally have nothing against. Truth is Breast Augmentation UK is very well known in England. It is actually the football stars wives’ prerogative to do this even as they can very well afford it.

There are times however that cosmetic surgeries are not just done for vanity, majority of them are done to correct congenital malformations and the like. Even some athletes have undergone cosmetic surgeries too. The world is slowly opening it's doors to it.

Manchester United vs Lyon 1-1

Carlos Tevez got off the bench and sent in a late goal for Manchester United in their Champions League first leg match with Lyon in France.

The Argentinian came in from the far post in the 87th minute after Karim Benzema opened the scoring in the 54th minute for the French champions who have won the French title six seasons in a row.

Video clips of the goals can be viewed below.

0-1 Benzema 54"

1-1 Tevez 87"

Friday, February 22, 2008

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English Football and Financial Management

I was surfing in the internet and stumbled upon an article about a new research carried out by Friends Provident. The report mentions that consumers in the UK have placed budgeting as their top priority. About two-fifths of the respondents in the research plan to economise and one-third are planning a complete overhaul of their finances including insurance, loans and Mortgages UK respondents pay for.

I have high regard for the English people for making this a top priority considering that they are already richer than majority of the world. I think this kind of mentality and approach towards business and economy must be followed by the rest of the world. I guess the English people are not only good in football but in financial matters as well.

Video Clip of David Beckham (England vs Argentina)

This video clip's a bit old but I think can be considered a classic. This is England's match against Argentina, David Beckham scoring from a penalty kick.

1-0 David Beckham (Penalty Kick)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wanted: Soccer Balls for our Football Club's Training

When I visited my father in Davao City last November of 2007, he bought for me a soccer ball as a gift. I saw the inexpensive soccer ball and wanted to buy it when my dad decided to buy it for me. That ball was made from China and it cost a lot cheaper than the balls from Nike or Adidas. It cost 355 pesos (about $9) compared to soccer balls with the slash or the three stripes which cost around 900 pesos here (about $23).

Well our football club, Marikina United FC, has started a stricter training program for us members a few weeks ago as we are in a tournament organized by the Philippine Football Federation (PFF). As one of the older members of the team I feel burdened for our team because we need more soccer balls for our trainings.

I have thought about getting a no fax payday loan just so I can purchase plenty of soccer balls immediately. Recently, I saw a web site that offers fast and easy service for those applying for payday loans. They also offer flexible payment options and the amount that is approved can be directly deposited to the applicant’s account overnight.

But, I am still waiting on our club manager’s decision. I may not need to personally take care of this expense for our football club once the other sponsors he contacted approves our club’s proposal. Who knows?

One of My Favorite Pictures of Ronaldinho

I searched for pictures of the football star Ronaldinho and picked this one. I just wanted to share this...

Making Decisions Together

I recently read a post about financial management in the home. This article says that the most effective financial strategy for couples is to divide management duties between both parties. The article further adds that this approach to financial management for couples was found to be more preferred than to work together on every task or to leave money matters to just one person in the relationship.

I don’t totally agree or disagree with this. But in our case as a couple, we do work together on financial management. We consult each other on financial decisions and seek mutual agreement. But since only one of us works full time, we divide the roles of financial contribution but don’t divide the financial obligations we have, but put our financial contributions together in one pot and pay what we need to pay (like bills, existing loans, and others) based on a mutual decision.

As for budgeting and accounting, my wife does that but any decision made on allotment of funds for groceries, major purchases, loans (like Homeowner Loans) and investments, we make them together. We talk about it and consider the pros and cons, then we make the decision based on what we need and what best fits our situation.

Hopes for Our Football Club

Our football club, Marikina United FC, joined a tournament for the first time. The tournament was organized by the Philippine Football Federation (PFF). We have played eight of the fifteen games and have not yet won a game but have had two draws. We have played teams like Manila FC, Loyola Aguila FC, San Juan FC, Sikad FC, Xavier Alumni FC, Claret Alumni FC and PUP.

We are hoping that in our next soccer matches we would be able adjust, and get our first win.

Proper Management Pays

Managing a football club is much like managing finances. We have to learn how to use available resources wisely. In soccer, club managers have to manage available funds, talents and players when other members of the club are injured. Proper management of funds are needed even in hiring of extremely good talents or what we call outsourcing.

In life, managing our finances require budgeting, savings, and proper accounting of our income and expenses. Even our debts need proper management.

In my own experience, I’ve had some times when my wife had to put some sense into e especially regarding debt. Sometimes when we have so much available credit, it is very tempting to just go and shop for anything we like. But the principle in financial management that my wife and I follow is spending only what we can afford. Because going beyond what we can afford can lead us to a financial crisis due to mismanagement and could even lead to bankruptcy.

Going bankrupt doesn’t have to happen because there is another way. Having proper Debt Management Plans can help. Whether you are single, married or having a big family, with proper planning, accounting, saving and budgeting, bankruptcy can be avoided.

Is There a Bright Future for Philippine Football?

In a recent interview, visiting Spanish coach Francisco Lopez Servio, the director of the Centro de Esudios, Delarrollo E Investigacion del Futbol Andaluz (CEDIFA), said, "We're waiting for Philippine football to wake up. We've seen the progress of ootball in Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China and Thailand. We were told that the Asian Football Confederation was founded in Manila in 1954 but where is Philippine football now?"

This same question is probably shared by many football enthusiasts here in our country, the Philippines. And many are also probably hoping for a breakthrough of soccer in our country. Since Filipinos are not as tall as Americans and Europeans, football is more suitable for us than basketball or volleyball. Servio, 56, added further that there is tremendous potential for soccer in the Philippines. If 10-year olds now are introduced soccer tactics, techniques and drills, the Philippines might have competitive football teams in 10 years.

Servio and three other Spanish coaches are here in our country to spread the good news of the world's most poplar sport. They are convinced that Philippine football has a bright future.

A Place to Play Football and a Garage

Just May of the past year, my family and I moved to our own house, just 48 square meters of floor area with dimensions of 8 feet by six feet. We have dreamed of a bigger land area but this is what’s available and what’s affordable.

But some of the things we would have wanted if we had a bigger land area was a lawn where my son and I can play football. I learned to play soccer when I was in the 5th grade and continued playing in high school. I stopped playing in college but really loved the sport. A few years ago my love for the sport was rekindled and I have sought opportunities to play soccer ever since. At present, I play for a local club in our are (Marikina United FC) and being a father of child who is turning three years old this May, it is my desire to pass on to him what I know about football. If we had a lawn we would have spent a lot of times playing soccer together.

Another thing we would have built if we had a bigger land area was a Sectional Garage. A single garage would have been enough and I would have been able to put my building and automotive tools there. I would also have been able to teach my son some basic skills in automotive and household work – but the most important thing would be to have more opportunities to do things with my son.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Manchester United Outclasses Arsenal in 5th Round of the FA Cup

Manchester United scored four goals to none against old rivals Arsenal. Wayne Rooney started the scoring for the Red Devils, making the first goal in the 16th minute. Rooney was in almost unstoppable form, creating problems for Arsenal's defense and was applauded for his brilliance by England coach Fabio Capello.

Darren Fletcher contributed the second goal just four minutes after heading in Nani's cross. Michael Carrick set up a third goal for Nani just seven minutes before half time. Another header by Fletcher sealed United's win over Arsenal.

Video clips of the goals can be viewed below.

1-0 Wayne Rooney 16"

2-0 Darren Fletcher 20"

3-0 Nani 38"

4-0 Darren Fletcher 74"

Friday, February 15, 2008

Arsenal Takes a Five Point Lead With Win Against Blackburn

Arsène Wenger's club extended their lead to five points at the top of the Premier League after scoring two goals over Blackburn.

Philippe Senderos scored a header in the 4th minute of the match form a corner kick by Eduardo giving Arsenal an early lead. The Rovers adjusted defensively and no gaols were made until late in the match when Togo striker Emmanuel Adebayor sent the ball past Blackburn keeper Brad Friedel from a pass by Alex Hleb.

Videos of the goals can be viewed below.

1-0 Phillipe Senderos 4"

2-0 Emmanuel Adebayor 90"

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

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Soccer: Passing Skills

A skill that stands out above all when soccer is taken apart and each aspect is analyzed and rated. It is soccer's essence and I'm sure any soccer coach would agree with me that master's this skill will also master the playing field.

The skill of passing is a simple matter of transferring the soccer ball from one player to another. However, there are many ways to get this done. A pass can be long, short, lofted or just on the ground. Despite all different ways of passing, all passes share some basic traits.


The very important principle of passing is ball control. A lot of players think that power is what matters and you'll see many players kick the ball with the end of their shoes (called a pointed kick or a toe kick). They can often send the ball a good distance but without any accuracy with reference to where they want to send it.

At all times, a player must know exactly which teammate is receiving the ball and where the soccer ball will be placed in order for the teammate to get it.

Here are some basic points about passing:

1) Look at the ball as you make contact with it - missing the ball will make perfect foot mechanics void

2) Passes should always be crisp and accurate - slow and lazy passes have a very high chance of being intercepted

3) Lead the receiving player with the ball - send the ball to a location where the teammate can receive it without breaking stride

4) The ball doesn't always have to move forward - passing to a player behind you or beside you helps spread your opponent's defense which is essential when all your teammates in front are covered

5) Learn how to pass without looking at the player you're passing to - catching the defense off guard gives you a better chance of making a successful pass

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Planning for Football Expenses

Football gadgets and paraphernalias like soccer shoes, original Manchester United jerseys or England’s international jersey with the football celebrity’s names on them, can really be expensive. Even just watching a live football match or even World Cup semi-final and final matches cost, too. I remember when the 2006 World Cup was on and we were across the globe from Germany, watching the matches here in the Philippines, we had to stay up late and watch the matches live where they were shown, usually in bars and other establishments who make money by making us pay to watch the matches. That cost money, too.

When spending is hard to control especially on something I like so much, it can really be tempting to just use credit cards when you’re running out of cash. A good advice I heard is to remember that I shouldn’t be spending more than I can afford. And I would need a budget to figure that out.

This piece of advice came from and I was surprised because even though this site specializes on informing consumers about credit card offers, they also inform consumers like me about how to use credit wisely.

That is a good reminder for me to plan ahead especially for the 2010 World Cup so I can be prepared for the expenses I will be facing then.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Find the Best Mortgage

I am thankful for the new home that we have now. We used to rent and actually, in the past six years my family and I have moved to four homes before moving into our own house last May. And now that we have our own house, instead of paying rent, we just pay our mortgage and will be doing this for the next thirteen years but at least with our new hose, I am able to do anything including playing football with my son.

I came across a site that helps people find the mortgage that best suits their needs. provides assistance with the knowledge that buying a home can be stressful, especially with the many decisions to make about the types of loans to get and which lending company to obtain it from. This site provides answers to questions that mortgage seekers have. Questions about dealing with a lender directly or through a broker, the amount of loan payment that is affordable, having a preferred loan amount or loan term and about interest rates. They accommodate anyone from first time home buyers to current homeowners and provide all sorts of loan financing such as mortgages, refinancing, and home equity loans. Visit their site now for more information.

Take Control

In the latest match played Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson may have wished he had more control of his players and their opponents to have won the match at Old Trafford.

Probably the same feelings are felt by people overcome by debt. Feelings like wishing they had power to take control of their financial situation and reclaim financial freedom are what linger in their minds and heart.

A site that offers assistance regarding this situation is This site offers the internet’s most trusted free credit debt consolidation program since 1997. They cater to individuals who are looking or wanting to consolidate their debts and other financial obligations and eventually improve their credit scores. can help consolidate multiple debt types by working with each creditor to reduce total debt liabilities and group all monthly debt responsibilities onto one low monthly payment.

They also have a special program designed for people who only have credit card debts. Their service includes grouping of all credit card payments into a severely reduced, single lump sum payment or arranging a more affordable, low-cost monthly payment.

People who need to give their credit score a little boost can also avail of their services for a flat, low-cost monthly fee. Visit their site and take control of your financial situation now.

Manchester City Stuns Manchester United with a 2-1 Win

Manchester City beat Manchester United 2-1 causing a major upset at Old Trafford. Goals by Darius Vassell in the 24th minute and debutant Mwaruwari Benjani in the 45th minute were enough to seal the win for City despite Michael Carrick's late goal.

It was an emotive occasion at Old Trafford with the 50th anniversary of the disaster at Munich being remembered with the Red Devil's players wearing 1958-style sponsorless red shirts and City wearing special shirts in addition to the 1-minute of silence observed before the start of the match.

United struggled to create chances even though they had lots of possession throughout the game as Dietmar Hamann, Micah Richards and Richard Dunne of Manchester City offered great defense for Joe Hart, City's keeper.

Videos and pictures of the match can be viewed in this post.

1-0 Darius Vassell 24"

2-0 Mwaruwari Benjani 45"

2-1 Michael Carrick 92"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

As Quick as a Powerful Volley

Every football club coach and manager would love to have soccer players who are fast and can make a goal with just one touch from a team mate's pass. And as a fan of soccer I would say that soccer fans like me definitely love seeing players who can execute a nice volley or a half volley – a quick and powerful goal.

Similarly, in life we all want fast service when it comes to serving our needs and getting what we pay or will pay for. When we choose companies we look at their service and how fast and excellent they do their jobs.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Arsenal Gets Back On Top

Emmanuel Adebayor made two goals as Arsenal returned to the top of the Premier League. The win also ended Manchester City's unbeaten home record.

Adebayor led Arsenal in scoring, sweeping the ball in with his right foot from close range. Eduardo da Silva's acrobatic turn and volley gave them a 2-0 lead which came from Adebayor's header.

Manchester City fought back when Gael Clichy lost the ball to Vedran Corluka who then found Gelson Fernandes.

But Adebayor sealed the win for Arsene Wenger's side from six yards less than two minutes from stoppage time.

Video clips of the goals can be viewed below.

1-0 Emmanuel Adebayor 9"

2-0 Eduardo da Silva 26"

2-1 Gelson Fernandes 28"

3-1 Emmanuel Adebayor 88"

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