Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When Emergency Strikes

There’s a saying in the Philippines which says, “Ang taong nagigipit, maski sa patalim kumakapit.” A dynamic translation of this statement is a person in dire circumstances turn to desperate measures. That is true for everybody. Even the best of football clubs turn to desperate measures during emergencies. Club managers may trade top players for a player with more potential or clubs may shell out more money to get the right striker, midfielder or defender.

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Arsenal's Adebayor Overpowers Newcastle

The whole first half of the match was quite even as Newcastle, rejuvenated under Kevin Keegan, refused to give ground. But Emmanuel Adebayor was just too much for the Magpies as he scored his 17th and 18th goal in 28 games. The two goals of the Togolese came in the 51st and 83rd minute while another goal was credited to Arsenal after an own goal by Nicky Butt just minutes before the end of the match. Video clips of Adebayor’s goals can be viewed below.

1-0 Adebayor 51"

1-0 Adebayor 83"

Man of the match: Adebayor.

Attendance: 60,046.

Managing Your Finances

To be able to manage your own finances you don’t have to be a Fabio Capello, Arsène Wenger, or Jurgen Klinsmann to be successful. It doesn’t have to be as hard as managing an international football team and getting them to the World Cup Finals. Some basic tips are:

1) Take account of all your expenses. Gather receipts, if that would help you keep track of . List down what you buy. This is the principle of accounting.

2) Make a budget. Choose beforehand where your money will instead of letting your money tell you what to do. This is the principle of budgeting.

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Chelsea Beats Wigan 2008 FA Cup 4th Round

Chelsea scored 2-1 against Wigan to break their FA Cup fourth-round tie. Joe Cole opened the scoring for Chelsea at the 52nd minute of the match. The next goal didn’t come until eight minutes before the end of the game. Nicolas Anelka scored his first goal for Chelsea and put their team ahead. Everything looked hopeless for Wigan until Antoine Sibierski showed a moment of brilliance at the 87th minute. Video clips of the goals can be viewed below.

1-0 Joe Cole 52"

2-0 Nicolas Anelka 82"

2-1 Antoine Sibierski 87"

Car For You

If you have seen the movie “Goal 2” you must have seen the car Santiago Muñez was drove when he was taken by Real Madrid. Yes it was an Audi, probably your dream car, huh? Well, I know the movie was just a work of fiction but having a nice car doesn’t have to be just in your dreams.

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View Video Clips of Manchester United vs Tottenham (3-1)

This is a follow up to my previous post about Manchester United-Tottenham Hotspur match last January 27, 2008. The final score was 3-1 in favor of the Red Devils. My previous post contained only download links. In this post you can view the videos if you don't feel like downloading.

0-1 Keane 24"

1-1 Tevez 38"

2-1 C. Ronaldo 69"

3-1 C. Ronaldo 88"

Monday, January 28, 2008

Are You Insured?

In a previous post, I mentioned about the additional security needed by professional soccer players, athletes and any person in any profession in case they encounter injuries that may jeopardize their future and career. Another inevitable thing is death. This is something a lot of people don’t like to talk about. But thinking about it, we prepare for so many things in our lives; football players prepare and train for matches, professionals prepare for meetings – but not everyone prepares for death – something sure that comes our way.

It is therefore both logical and wise to invest in a full life insurance or a less expensive 5 or 10-year term life insurance. LifeInsure.com can provide you life insurance quotes that fit your preference. You can visit their site for more information.

Protect Your Income

All professional athletes of sports that are very physical, including football or soccer, are prone to injuries. Injuries don’t only hurt them physically but financially as well. A sudden dislocation or a fracture could place their careers in jeopardy. Even their loved ones who count on their financial provision can have their security shaken by an injury.

That’s why it is necessary for a professional football player to be covered by disability insurance. This doesn’t just apply to athletes but to any professional in any field. ProtectYourIncome.com provides disability insurance quotes. It is the premier site for information and guidance on disability insurance for professionals and individuals with incomes not less than $100,000. Check their website for additional information.

Manchester United 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo an one from Tevez saw Manchester United to the fifth round of the FA Cup after coming from behind to beat 10-man Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham took the lead in the 24th minute with a goal by Robbie Keane. An equalizer was contributed by Carlos Tevez on the 38th minute, keeping hopes for a win alive for the Red Devils.

United turned the pressure on during the second half and Cristiano Ronaldo was rewarded a penalty kick which he converted in the 69th minute. He made another goal two minutes before the game ended, capping the win for Manchester United at 3-1 against Tottenham Hotspur.

Videos of the match's goals can be downloaded below.

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Need Glasses?

I imagine that it must be quite difficult playing football if I was nearsighted or farsighted. Thank God I’m not. But if you are, don’t worry. You’d still be able to trap that soccer ball even if it’s a long one. There are ways to correct the eyesight (of course you’d need to check with an optometrist). Also, I have a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical offers eyeglasses. Their offer starts with Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. That includes high quality stylish frame, full UV protection, quality hard eyeglass case plus many others. So, for this week the Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical. Try now!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Web Directory For My Football Blog

Launching this football blog hasn't really been as easy as Ronaldinho scoring on a penalty kick. First, I had to think of what I and the majority of the world really enjoy. I’m pretty sure that blogging about a sex scandals, Pinoy or Pinay scandals, or even celebrity scandals and posting videos and pictures about them would have turned the heads of a lot of men in this globe towards this site. But I personally have moral and ethical issues regarding those topics.

So, I thought about what I used to play during my primary and secondary education years – playing football. Not the American football kind but the one known as soccer. I chose this one because I really enjoy it and it’s the most popular sport in the world.

The next thing I had to do was to increase the visibility of my blog, “Football Videos and Pictures”. A blogger friend I had suggested that I submit my site to web directories. He said that submitting a blog to a web directory is a way to build links. An example of one is Maxdirectory. MaxWebdirectory is a free online directory with various categories and subcategories. Submission of a site is free, however, sometimes, they require for some specific categories a reciprocal link. What’s more is that they claim fast approval (usually 24 hours or less).

After that step there were so many other things I had to do, like visiting other football or soccer related blogs. And that’s what I’m continuing to do at the moment - aside from making more blog entries of course.

Fitness Levels, Monitoring of Players Play Significant Part in Capello's Present Regime

Fabio Capello's fitness coach, Massimo Neri, has been monitoring the fitness of all the potential players for the England manager's first squad. Neri has been in contact with fitness coaches of all clubs in the Premier League. Players' individual fitness has usually been beyond the control of international managers but was important to Jurgen Klinsmann's Germany team for them to have reached the World Cup semi-finals in 2006.

The new England manager has been able to watch most of the potential players in action playing for their clubs but has not given away much about his plans for the first friendly against Switzerland on February 6 and has not spoken to any players individually – not even England's captain John Terry. Furthermore Capello has recently dropped a hint that David Beckham will be part of the first squad as he has asked Neri to contact Arsenal about Beckham's fitness level.

While Capello has been able to watch most of the potential players in action for their clubs, Beckham's LA Galaxy team's Major League Soccer (MLS) season will not start until March. The midfielder has not played competitively since October but has been training with Arsène Wenger's squad this month to get in shape during Los Angeles Galaxy's close season.

If Capello will name the England squad on the Friday before the weekend that preceded a midweek international as in Steve McClaren's custom, as well as that of his predecessor Sven Goran Eriksson, then the naming of Capello's next squad will be out soon. The new England manager has still not yet given any hint whether Terry will still continue as captain.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Manchester United VS Al-hilal 2-3 Exhibition Game

Al-Hilal came from 2-1 down to capture a win over a strong Red Devils side at the packed King Fahd Stadium. The first goal was from Yasser Al-Qahtani who put the ball in at close range after a deflection from Rio Ferdinand. Manchester United struck back six minutes later with Carlos Tevez's goal and then got the lead from a header by Cristiano Ronaldo. Al-Hilal sent in an equalizer just before the interval when Al-Jaber netted a very dubious penalty from an alleged foul by Ferdinand. It was Bader Al-Kharashi's goal that captured the win for the Saudis from a wonderful overhead kick past substitute keeper Tom Heaton. Videos of all the goals can be viewed below.

Yasser Al-Qahtani (1-0)

Carlos Tevez (1-1)

Cristiano Ronaldo (1-2)

Al-Jaber (2-2)

Bader Al-Kharashi (3-2)

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Nice Ronaldinho Videos

Here are some videos of Ronaldinho. It's a show of his great abilities and skill in handling the soccer ball. I haven't seen them before so I just wanted to share them. Credits to Fantasy Football Room and Youtube for these videos.

Arsenal Leaps Over Fulham

With Emmanuel Adebayor's amazing leaping ability, Arsenal scored the first two goals of the match which ended with a 3-0 score, the third one coming from Rosicky at 81" who sent the ball in from a cross by Eduardo.

The first goal came in the 19th minute when Adebayor rose above Dejan Stefanovic to head in Gaël Clichy's cross.

The next goal came in the 38th minute when the Togolese climbed above Moritz Volz to head Alex Hleb's cross inside the same post.

"He's a monster. The big man has jumped as high as the crossbar for his goals. I don't think anyone in the Premier League can mark that. It's a standing jump as well. It's frightening," said Fulham's Jimmy Bullard.

Career Training

Just last week, I came across a site in the internet about Arsenal’s football training program and they even have a tag line, “the Arsenal way.” They talk about playing football as a team and they provide specific training programs for players to develop this attitude and instinct in playing soccer.

As in any career, training is very important and is essential in pursuing success. Especially in medical careers where other’s lives are at stake and currently the fastest growing areas of employment. In the United States, where the largest population (the generation of the baby boomers) is approaching old age rapidly, the need for health professionals is increasing.

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Since people involved in careers just mentioned deal with lives of people and sometimes even face life and death situations, seeking proper and competent training is essential.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Late Goals Lift Manchester United Over Reading

Goals from Wayne Rooney on the 77th minute and by Cristiano Ronaldo on the 90th minute in their match against Reading last Saturday kept the Red Devils on top of the Premier League standings. Meanwhile, Arsenal's 3-0 win over Fulham kept the title rival at pace with Manchester United, putting both teams leveled at 54 points with United leading on goal difference.

Manchester United manager said, "You start to worry when a game goes on and on whether you're going to get the goal. It's taken a lovely flick from Wayne Rooney to open it up for us."

A video clip of the goals made can be viewed below.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Football Star's Vacation

A few months ago, while I was watching cable television, I saw and learned that famous David Beckham owns a property at the first palm island constructed in Dubai. I just imagined how luxurious that is, and it would serve like a vacation house for the England ex-captain and his family. How convenient that would be for them, not going through the rigorous task of making reservations.

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Their world wide destination packages offer greater discounts which make their rates very competitive. They even offer a special interest rate price guarantee for those who have booked a prepaid reservation. Bookings can be made online or through their toll free numbers. Interested travelers who have not made plans can use their destination guide which will help them research destinations and interests and plan their trip.

Anyone can avail of these benefits and with their user friendly site, making reservations can be one-stop. With HotelReservations.com you can be like any football celebrity on vacation.

Shopping for Soccer Shoes

Shopping for soccer shoes online can be confusing with a lot of websites having great offers to choose from. What makes me really consider a website to check out is its user friendliness and ease of transaction process. Merchants who use shopping cart software like Ashop, makes it easier for consumers like me buy online in a breeze.

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It’s a priority for me to check out an online shop that carries a reliable, easy to use shopping cart software. For one, I need not be bothered by the transaction process more than my having to narrow down my choices of getting the soccer shoes that I need.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

No Worries With Bettercaring

Every person in this world, not excluding football stars who earn hundreds of thousands if not millions, is going to grow old and we all hope that when that old age comes, someone is going to be there to care for us.

We need not worry because Bettercaring is here. They are a dedicated service for anyone who has important questions about care, not just for ourselves but for our loved ones as well. They provide comprehensive care home searches and vital information on social care – this includes information about finances and options such as home or residential care. Their care search will enable us to search their database of all registered UK care homes. They also offer care discussions which enables us to contribute through their forums and letters page.

So if thoughts about your own or your loved one’s future begin to enter your mind, you need not be a David Beckham, a Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo or just about any soccer celebrity to stop yourself from worrying. Try Bettercaring.

The Soccer Ball

The following information is taken from "Official Rules of Soccer" as approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

Qualities and Measurements of the Soccer Ball

The ball is:

*made of leather or other suitable material
*of a circumference of not more than 28 inches and not less than 27 inches
*no more than 16 oz (450 grams) in weight and not less than 14 oz (410 grams) at the start of the match
*of a pressure equal to 8.5 psi to 15.6 psi

Replacement of a Defective Soccer Ball

If the ball bursts or becomes defective during the course of the match:

*the match is stopped
*the match is restarted by dropping the replacement ball at the place where the first ball became defective

If the ball bursts or becomes defective whilst not in play at a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, free kick, penalty kick or throw in:

*the match is restarted accordingly

The ball may not be changed during the match without authority of the referee.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thinking About Creating An Online Store

From my previous post, I have mentioned how I want to buy a new pair of soccer shoes. Knowing that football is the most popular sport in the world and, that as I type in the words for this blog entry, other people in other parts of our world are playing soccer, training or having their own soccer shoes destroyed also right at this same moment. And I start to wonder how many people are thinking what I’m thinking right now – buying a new pair of soccer shoes. These thoughts led me to imagining setting up my own online store, with my products all about football/ soccer.

What ecommerce software would I choose? I know of a leading provider of a shopping cart software, who offers a complete solution to merchants (or dreaming merchants like me). If I availed of Ashop Commerece’s affordable ecommerce software, in minutes, people searching for football paraphernalias could be could be filling in their shopping carts. I could start selling online right now!

But, let me worry about getting my own stuff first, hold these thoughts and get back to figuring out where I could have my soccer shoes repaired.

A Payday Loan For A New Pair of Soccer Shoes?

I bought a pair of Ronaldinho 10 soccer shoes late last year and now, after the fifth of fifteen games our football club is supposed to play, the shoes need to be replaced or, if it’s still possible, be repaired. I have tried buying cheaper shoes without the brand name but honestly, I like the one with the slash better because it fits me perfectly. But I’m in a dilemma. I’m short of cash and payday isn’t until the end of the month. I have entertained thoughts about availing of a payday loan...

I came across a site that offers these types of services. They provide fast service for obtaining secure, online cash advance and payday loans. Their site says that in many cases there are no documents to fax for applying and qualifying for a loan. And once I am approved, they will deposit electronically the amount directly into my checking or savings account. In addition to that, they offer payment options that are flexible. They can get me the cash I need right now with their discreet services offer.

So, what am I waiting for? Well, I was thinking maybe my pair of Ronaldinho 10 soccer shoes can still be repaired. If not then I’d have to talk to my wife first about availing of that loan.

Submit Your Favorite Football Videos and Pictures

Hello everyone, especially soccer fanatics, soccer players, soccer hobbyists or even just the curious soccer observers. I am starting a campaign in my blog to add more football videos and pictures of soccer celebrities with the involvement of as many blogs and sites possible. Even contributors with sites unrelated to football or soccer are welcome to join.

Here are the mechanics:

1) You can send a video file or picture file (any format) to my email address, pastor@sbcmakati.org or post a comment for this blog entry and
2) include the link, title and description of the video/s and/or picture/s and
3) share briefly why it is your favorite football video and/or picture.
4) If you send the file through email please post a comment on this blog entry so I can identify you and your blog because...

...contributors will have their blog and football videos and/or pictures featured as entries in my blog and a short positive review (and a link of course) of your blog or site will be included as well. I hope to bring out the soccer interests from among readers through this. Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Medicines Available Online

Last Sunday afternoon, was our football club’s match against UP Sikad. The match ended in a draw and left me with a sprained right ankle and sore muscles. I’m positive that many soccer players around the world, whether hobbyists of professionals, suffer body pains, injuries and sometimes get wounded during trainings and soccer games. Taking time to go out of their way and buy medicines to relieve and treat themselves or even asking someone to do this errand for them, by experience, can really be a big, big hassle.

It’s a good thing there is buy-pharmacy-online.com. This is an online pharmacy that offers a wide selection of prescription drugs, all available online, at any time of the day. Anyone, not just sports enthusiasts, can enjoy ordering anytime, complete privacy without any prescription needed. Imagine enjoying the convenience of not waiting for doctors and ordering from your own home or office at the time that best suits you. Ordering is safe and secure through their secure transaction server and you can pay using a wide range of credit cards. So, next time that injury strikes visit this online pharmacy.

Soccer's Field of Play a.k.a. the Pitch - Part 3

This entry is a continuation and the third part of two previous entries in this blog.


Goals must be placed on the center of each goal line:

They consist of two upright posts equidistant from the corner flagposts and joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar.
The distance between the posts is 8 yards and the distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is 8 feet.
Both goalposts and the crossbar have the same width and depth which do not exceed 5 inches. The goal lines are the same width as that of the goalposts and the crossbar. Nets may be attached to the goals and the ground behind the goal, provided that they are properly supported and do not interfere with the goalkeeper.
The goalposts and crossbars must be white.

Dimensions of the Soccer Field

The field of play must be rectangular. The length of the touchline must be greater than the length of the goal line.

Length: minimum 100 yards
maximum 130 yards

Width: minimum 50 yards
maximum 100 yards

International Matches

Length: minimum 110 yards
maximum 120 yards

Width: minimum 70 yards
maximum 80 yards

A Trusted Name in Sports News and Information

Football, the world's most popular sport and more known as soccer in certain parts of the world, is just one of the many sports enjoyed by people in different parts of the world.. There are also sports like rugby, hockey, basketball and American football in the professional and college levels.

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Advertising in Football and the Web

On Friday, after our football training at the Marikina Sports Park, I plan to meet my college friend and just catch up on each other’s lives. This friend of mine earns a living through his various businesses in the internet. It was he who introduced me to taking opportunities online.

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Everytime I watch a football match on television I see lots of advertisers take the opportunity to be seen by paying to post their company logos around the soccer field. Similarly, in the world wide web, advertisers can take opportunities also to advertise, but this time, on blogs. Bloggers and advertisers can avail of the benefits that Smorty’s services has to offer.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ronaldinho: Superhuman!

In this video, Ronaldinho concludes the match between Barcelona and Villareal (4:0) on November 25, 2006 with an astounding goal. The "Magician" shows off terrific ball control, quick foot work and balance in this awesome goal. Ronaldinho! Ronaldinho! Ronaldinho!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Place to Hang Out

My team mates and I at Marikina United Football Club love to hang out together. I even have teammates who like hanging out in social networks online. A cool and interesting place online to meet new friends and share with communities of the same interests, likes and hobbies is WireClub.

At WireClub, members can meet new people and avail of instant messaging service. They not only offer online chat services, but members can also express their thoughts, share stories, create their own personal online diary or just basically share their life by creating a free blog site. They can also share pictures by creating an online photo gallery, invite their friends and join clubs with whom they can share similar interests in chat rooms like music, soccer, books and the like or they can even create their own club.

To get started with these services, all you need is to create an account and your basic profile and you can start meeting friends from places like Melbourne, Nairobi, New York, Manchester, Perth, Lagos, Cairo, Delhi, Houston, Toronto, Manila, Accra, Winnipeg, Istanbul, Brisbane, London, Colombo, Miami, Karachi, and many others.

Since WireClub facilitates the broadest range of connections possible, who knows? You might get to meet the love of your life, your next business partner or maybe even Zidane, David Beckham or Ronaldinho?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Soccer's Field of Play a.k.a. the Pitch - Part 2

The Penalty Area

A penalty area is defined at each end of the field as follows:

Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, 18 yards from the inside of each goalpost. These lines extend into the field of play for a distance of 18 yards and are joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line. The area bounded by these lines and the goal line is the penalty area.

Within each penalty area a penalty mark is made 12 yards from the midpoint between the goalposts and equidistant to them. An arc of a circle with a radius of 10 yards from each penalty mark is drawn outside the penalty area.


A flagpost, not less than 5 feet high, with a non-pointed top and flag is placed at each corner. Flagposts may also be placed at each end of the halfway line, not less than 1 yard outside the touch line.

The Corner Arc

A quarter circle with a radius of 1 yard from each corner flagpost is drawn inside the field of play.
The soccer ball is placed in any area bounded by this arc and the end lines when a corner kick is done.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Secured Identity

I've personally encountered first hand, a friend who had his credit card stolen without him knowing it. He had to and he still is going through all the trouble of clearing his credit standing with the bank concerned and prove that he is not responsible for the purchases made by the thief.

If there's anything in the private lives of all those talked about football celebrities, it should be this -- they must have got not just their homes insured. In all likelihood, they must have gotten in contact with all sorts of insurances to back up their lifestyle and to protect themselves and their families from life's uncertainties.

LifeLock.com offers the most comprehensive ID Security Programs that guarantees their good names. Their team only gives out the most advanced of securities available there are which are safest and easiest to use. Identity theft is not anymore foreign to anyone these days. Even common people get their identities robbed by pirates from small time spammers to big time syndicates. Celebrities all the more are susceptible to these kinds of characters who prey on unsuspecting victims for a living.

LifeLock.com is backed by $ 1,000,000.00 service guarantee, legal assistance to recover stolen identities, alert renewals, removal from pre-approved credit cards and prides themselves with the most excellent service there is. Best of all, they currently offer LifeLock promotion code when you sign in for its annual membership.

Soccer's Field of Play a.k.a. the Pitch - Part 1

This entry is for educational purposes. My goal is to communicate the official FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) standards and disseminate it to interested, curious and wanting to learn readers. All information contained in this series were taken from "Official Rules of Soccer" as approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

Field Markings

The field of play in football (soccer) is marked with lines. These lines belong to the areas of which they are boundaries.

The two longer boundary lines are called goal lines.
All lines are not more than 5 inches wide.
The field of play is divided into two halves by a halfway line.
The center mark is indicated at the midpoint of the halfway line. A circle with a radius of 10 yards is marked around it.

The Goal Area

A goal area is defined at each end of the field as follows: Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, 6 yards from the inside of each goalpost. These lines extend into the field of play for a distance of 6 yards and are joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal line. The area bounded by these lines is the goal area.

Coming next in this series are the penalty area, flagposts and the corner arc.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Manchester United Wins Yet Again

Late goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney gives Manchester United its 13th consecutive win against Aston Villa in the third round of the FA Cup. Ryan Giggs' cross to Cristiano Ronaldo at the 81st minute was the first goal of the match. The second goal was delivered, with one minute left in the match, by Wayne Rooney, coming in as a substitute twenty minutes before the match ended. With Rooney's superb strike at twenty yards past Scott Carson, he is now being tagged as Fabio Capello's foundation stone. The win by the Red Devils at Villa Park ruined Aston Villa's FA Cup chances but sealed a place in the 4th round FA Cup for Manchester United. Embedded are videos of the two goals of the match.

Goals: Ronaldo (81) 0-1; Rooney (89) 0-2.

Man of the match: Rooney

Attendance: 33,630.

Credits to www.divshare.com for the videos.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Manchester United Wins New Year Match Against Birmingham City

Great ball control and passing skills by Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo. This bit of action was the only goal of the match between Manchester United and Birmingham City held at Old Trafford, January 1st, 2008. Credits to www.divshare.com for the video.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

A New Year Win For Arsenal!

Eduardo da Silva scored the first goal for Arsenal within the 2nd minute of their match against West Ham United. Togo national Emmanuel Adebayor scored another goal after 17 minutes, finishing off the Hammers, maintaining their leadership in the current Barclay's Premiere league.

Goals: Eduardo da Silva (2) 1-0; Emmanuel Adebayor (18) 2-0

Booked: West Ham Cole, McCartney, Noble.

Attendance: 60,102