Friday, December 5, 2008

Open Sports Partners With Rodman

In Europe and majority of the world, football or soccer is the very popular. But in certain countries like the Philippines, basketball is what’s popular. I play basketball too even though football is really my favorite sport to watch and play.

There was a time that I really enjoyed watching basketball. It was during Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s time. This was the time that I started to notice the young Michael Jordan who eventually led the Chicago Bulls to multiple championships in the NBA. But the credit doesn’t belong to him alone because there are other players who did well during the Bulls’ reign in the 90’s. Dennis “The Worm” rodman was one of them.

Also known as “Dennis the Menace”, he captured the lime lights with his hair styles, attitude, his athleticism and great defense. Now, he partners with to share his knowledge of basketball through self-written blog entries, video logs and participation in interviews with different sports personalities on and off-line. Throughout the season, “The Worm” will offer game predictions, commentary and analysis. He will also interact with fans online and in person at different live sporting events.

This was based on the press release at I think that this partnership will add a unique approach to basketball.


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