Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Pairs for Training

When playing football, I make sure I have the right tools and gears. A few years back, when I restarted playing football, I invested on a nice pair of Nike Ronaldinho Ten soccer shoes –they’re like the Nike air tools for basketball. At first I had to adjust to its studs height. I even suffered a sprain because I wasn’t used to the height of its studs. But eventually, I was able to adjust and it has been the best pair I’ve used so far. This Christmas break, I’ll be spending some time to get myself match fit for January when our football tournament resumes. A running shoes is what I am using for that. I hope the one I got lasts long enough because I just got a non-original pair.

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anne nicole said...

lol... it's always good to have a one like this. I need to buy one "Nike Air ZOOM VAPOR JET 4.2 D Shoes" for the tournament I have next week.
I'm gonna shoot the winning shot.... lol. Nike Air ZOOM VAPOR JET 4.2 D Shoes