Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Van For Our Team?

Our football club, Marikina United FC, is a young club. Yes, it has young members but it has old members as well. It is young because we are new in the NCR FA scene. This season is actually the second time we joined a competition with an eleven-man team. Our club usually joins seven aside matches.

Having a team of at least eleven (plus the substitutes, of course) many times gives us a hard time getting from one place to another as a team. The venues of the football matches we have are from at least three different places last season, and we don’t really know what venues are for this season. But having this situation makes us see the need for getting a van for the team. Unless of course one of our team members would miraculously come up with a personal van that he would let the team use.

If ever our team does get a van, we will make sure that we get van insurance. That would protect our investment for the club and also our sponsors’ investment. A great source for insurance is For the insurance for vans, they search over fifteen different web sites and they have a free-to-use online price comparison service. This site usually search to find the cheapest price from over twenty insurers like Gladiator, Direct Choice, Performance Direct and many others.

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