Thursday, August 21, 2008

Know Your Visitors

Knowing a web site’s visitors is important to some web publishers. It can help them with so many things, especially the information they can get from an application that can give this to them.

The IP2Location is a geolocation look up database that can be utilized to reverse translate IP Address to the following information . You can get the visitors IP address easily from the Web servers or network connections.

From this information some other details can also be tracked like the visitor’s country, region/ state, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP Code, time zone, net speed, ISP, domain name, IDD code/ area code and weather station name/ code. can provide a free demo and free Webmaster tools at They also launched DB15-DB18 packages which can provide the last two fields or information listed above.

Some innovations using the IP2Location are spam filtering by location, geo targeting for increased sales and click-through, auto-selection of country on forms, reduction of credit card fraud, prevention of password sharing and abuse of service, web log statistics and analysis and many others.

Other free webmaster tools are the IP2Map visitors tracking by map and flag of the world. Visit this site now and get the information you need to help you in your business.

Here is a sample below, feel free to use it.

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