Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Social Online Advertising Service

IZEA has got a new offering. SocialSpark! This new web site from IZEA provides word of mouth marketing, social media and conversational marketing through an online advertising service that builds traffic through blogs ads and bloggers. In simple terms, it is an online advertising service that also has a social network among its members. Thus, traffic is also built through this social network.

I have been a member of this online advertising service (my socialspark profile), as a blogger, for a few days now. It is a cool way to get paid to blog because I can get to meet other bloggers, whether they are earning bloggers like me or advertisers and we can add each other as friends in our own network.

For those who are new with this, this site also provides a way for you to earn through blogging. Yes, you can monetize your blog with their online advertising service. Like in my case, I’ll get paid by their web site for this entry.

Its easy to become a member. Just visit their site and choose whether you want to apply as a blogger or as an online advertiser (if you want to promote your web site through their web site). Visit their site now!

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