Sunday, March 23, 2008

Valencia Downs Barcelona 3-2

Valencia secured a place in the Copa del Rey final after dominating against Barcelona in the second leg of the semi final match in Mestalla last Thursday (4-3 on aggregate). Ruben Baraja opened the scoring for Valencia with a piledriver goal in the 17th minute. A second goal was delivered as Juan mata broke away right before restart. Thierry Henry's header in the second half put Barca on the scoreboard but Juan Mata bagged another goal almost immediately. And even though Samuel Eto'o sent in a late goal, it wasn't enough to stop Valencia from reaching the finals.

Videos of the goals of the match are available below.

1-0 Ruben Baraja 17"

2-0 Juan Mata 44"

2-1 Thierry Henry 72"

3-1 Juan Mata 73"

3-2 Samuel Eto'o 80"


Rachel S said...

Having recently fallen for an Italian football fanatic - and being an ignorant American (*wink* - regarding the sport, that is!) I can use all the additional references I can get. Thanks for the blog!

era said...

Quite surprise,despite all the controversy at Valencia. Still manage to win against Barca.