Friday, March 7, 2008

Arsenal Defeats Champions League Holder AC Milan

Cesc Fabregas began AC Milan's defeat with a skimming drive and a strike from 30 yards in the 84th minute. Finishing off was Emmanuel Adebayor from a pass from Theo Walcott in stoppage time. The victory eliminated AC Milan, the Chamionship League holders.

Below are videos of the match's goals.

0-1 Cesc Fabregas 84"

0-2 Emmanuel Adebayor 90"


Georgina Best said...

This is a great site to catch up on goals missed (I don't have Sky so have to rely in the BBC!).

The Arse were definately on fire!

Jeff said...

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the posts. What other teams do you want to see regular videos of? I'll try to find them and try to post regularly about them. :)