Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vanity in a Football World

Britons are famous for their passion for football. In a recent news, it is evident that this is not the only thing they are known for. Statistics show that Brits spend the most in cosmetic surgery – this is a brand new figure.

While this news might not come as a surprise, even as the well known better half of Beckham was said to have undergone under the knife for aesthetic purposes, this is something I personally have nothing against. Truth is Breast Augmentation UK is very well known in England. It is actually the football stars wives’ prerogative to do this even as they can very well afford it.

There are times however that cosmetic surgeries are not just done for vanity, majority of them are done to correct congenital malformations and the like. Even some athletes have undergone cosmetic surgeries too. The world is slowly opening it's doors to it.

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