Thursday, February 14, 2008

Soccer: Passing Skills

A skill that stands out above all when soccer is taken apart and each aspect is analyzed and rated. It is soccer's essence and I'm sure any soccer coach would agree with me that master's this skill will also master the playing field.

The skill of passing is a simple matter of transferring the soccer ball from one player to another. However, there are many ways to get this done. A pass can be long, short, lofted or just on the ground. Despite all different ways of passing, all passes share some basic traits.


The very important principle of passing is ball control. A lot of players think that power is what matters and you'll see many players kick the ball with the end of their shoes (called a pointed kick or a toe kick). They can often send the ball a good distance but without any accuracy with reference to where they want to send it.

At all times, a player must know exactly which teammate is receiving the ball and where the soccer ball will be placed in order for the teammate to get it.

Here are some basic points about passing:

1) Look at the ball as you make contact with it - missing the ball will make perfect foot mechanics void

2) Passes should always be crisp and accurate - slow and lazy passes have a very high chance of being intercepted

3) Lead the receiving player with the ball - send the ball to a location where the teammate can receive it without breaking stride

4) The ball doesn't always have to move forward - passing to a player behind you or beside you helps spread your opponent's defense which is essential when all your teammates in front are covered

5) Learn how to pass without looking at the player you're passing to - catching the defense off guard gives you a better chance of making a successful pass

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