Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Planning for Football Expenses

Football gadgets and paraphernalias like soccer shoes, original Manchester United jerseys or England’s international jersey with the football celebrity’s names on them, can really be expensive. Even just watching a live football match or even World Cup semi-final and final matches cost, too. I remember when the 2006 World Cup was on and we were across the globe from Germany, watching the matches here in the Philippines, we had to stay up late and watch the matches live where they were shown, usually in bars and other establishments who make money by making us pay to watch the matches. That cost money, too.

When spending is hard to control especially on something I like so much, it can really be tempting to just use credit cards when you’re running out of cash. A good advice I heard is to remember that I shouldn’t be spending more than I can afford. And I would need a budget to figure that out.

This piece of advice came from YourCreditNetwork.com and I was surprised because even though this site specializes on informing consumers about credit card offers, they also inform consumers like me about how to use credit wisely.

That is a good reminder for me to plan ahead especially for the 2010 World Cup so I can be prepared for the expenses I will be facing then.

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