Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Place to Play Football and a Garage

Just May of the past year, my family and I moved to our own house, just 48 square meters of floor area with dimensions of 8 feet by six feet. We have dreamed of a bigger land area but this is what’s available and what’s affordable.

But some of the things we would have wanted if we had a bigger land area was a lawn where my son and I can play football. I learned to play soccer when I was in the 5th grade and continued playing in high school. I stopped playing in college but really loved the sport. A few years ago my love for the sport was rekindled and I have sought opportunities to play soccer ever since. At present, I play for a local club in our are (Marikina United FC) and being a father of child who is turning three years old this May, it is my desire to pass on to him what I know about football. If we had a lawn we would have spent a lot of times playing soccer together.

Another thing we would have built if we had a bigger land area was a Sectional Garage. A single garage would have been enough and I would have been able to put my building and automotive tools there. I would also have been able to teach my son some basic skills in automotive and household work – but the most important thing would be to have more opportunities to do things with my son.

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