Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Need to Recharge

I have been regularly training with my football team, twice or three times a week. The training these past weeks have really gone serious and I have noticed that when it first got intense I knew I needed to exert more to increase my stamina.

After every training day I would always look forward to going to sleep in my cozy bed to recharge. But the thing is, our bed badly needs a replacement. My little guy just about jumped on it until one of the supporting legs gave way. I have been looking into Faux Leather Beds, but I figured with the tropical climate that we have it will not be the most ideal. My wife and I would love to have a new bed with memory foam mattress. We have always wondered how comfortable it would be to have this kind of bed. I am sure my sore muscles after training would greatly benefit from it and that would also be the most ideal for wifey who has back problems due to Scoliosis.

Time4Sleep currently offers 5% off on frame and mattresses and free delivery on orders over £499. Their great deals and quality beds are just hard to resist.

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