Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Money Through My Football Blog

After three tries finally this blog about football videos and pictures got approved by PayPerPost. It has been one of my goals, getting this blog approved by PayPerPost. The reason is because I have heard from the blogging community that this is on of the best (if not the best) services that can help bloggers make money online. Yes, PayPerPost pays bloggers to write posts in blogs and they have many opportunities available for their members especially those with high Google page rank. Their member bloggers can write a maximum of three paid posts per day and PayPerPost sends the payments a month after without any deductions.

I heard about PayPerPost through the friend who helped me and my wife set up a web site. Since I signed up, I learned that paid posts are not the only way that PayPerPost helps bloggers to make extra cash but also through their referral program. Aside from that, the instructions that they provide for bloggers or writers are not very hard to understand. They are very simple and their web site’s dashboard is very user friendly.

So as I continue blogging about football/soccer and as I collect football videos and pictures of soccer celebrities, goals, match highlights and other stuff related to football, I can make money through PayPerPost.

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