Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is There a Bright Future for Philippine Football?

In a recent interview, visiting Spanish coach Francisco Lopez Servio, the director of the Centro de Esudios, Delarrollo E Investigacion del Futbol Andaluz (CEDIFA), said, "We're waiting for Philippine football to wake up. We've seen the progress of ootball in Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China and Thailand. We were told that the Asian Football Confederation was founded in Manila in 1954 but where is Philippine football now?"

This same question is probably shared by many football enthusiasts here in our country, the Philippines. And many are also probably hoping for a breakthrough of soccer in our country. Since Filipinos are not as tall as Americans and Europeans, football is more suitable for us than basketball or volleyball. Servio, 56, added further that there is tremendous potential for soccer in the Philippines. If 10-year olds now are introduced soccer tactics, techniques and drills, the Philippines might have competitive football teams in 10 years.

Servio and three other Spanish coaches are here in our country to spread the good news of the world's most poplar sport. They are convinced that Philippine football has a bright future.

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