Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Football Players Getting Injured

In one of my posts yesterday the videos and pictures say how horrific the injury of the leg of Eduardo da Silva is. Being a football player myself, I cannot imagine how painful that is. Athletes like Eduardo, especially so that he is a professional one is really vulnerable to these kinds of danger. Questions in mind now come playing inside my head, like if insurance grants professional athletes like him Personal Injury insurance, in case of disability. If not, that would be the day! He probably has a family to feed and provide for. I guess with all the support people give towards football and sports in general, I believe these rights have been worked on one way or another.

As for myself, I would really have just got to take extra precaution, no matter how fuzzy that looks like when you’re actually in the game. Because I cannot afford to be in the same kind of injury Eduardo da Silva has got himself in. I only remember getting a bad back using the wrong footing on play. But that got resolved quickly with the help of therapy. As for Eduardo da Silva, I will have to get an update on how his leg is now or if he can play again ever. I will post the news as soon as I get a hold of it.

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