Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Available Online Opportunity

When I began this football blog, aside from blogging about soccer, which is my favorite sport, collecting football videos and pictures, I also had in mind to experiment if blogging can help me make money online. As I came across many blogs and web sites that had in them experiences, tutorials and suggestions on how to do that I started trying them out. I registered in a variety of services that help curious people like me to generate online income.

At first, I just focused on finding web sites where I can regularly receive news and updates on football matches in English leagues, Italian leagues and German leagues (mostly European) and then endeavored to find web sites where I can download fresh and new football videos and pictures. And I did find the sites and blogs where I could do all these. But stumbling upon sites that featured online money making opportunities was I guess inevitable. I came across sites that paid bloggers to create entries in their blogs, sites that paid surfers to click on ads, web sites that paid eager surfers to play games online and web sites that paid bloggers to answer surveys and post them in their blogs.

I was really blown away, especially with the fact that advertisers in the world wide web paid about $259 billion for either discreet or blatant advertising last year. I never thought that making money online while blogging or surfing about the things you like can be realized.

DataEntryCompany.com is one of those companies and they offer interactive tutorial that shows interested web surfers how to make real money on the internet which can happen through various affiliate programs and traffic networks. Their tag line says that they can help their members make money by typing data online. Check out their web site for more information.

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