Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Arsenal - Birmingham Match: Injury Tainted

It was a tied match when it came to goal scoring but Arsenal got the bitter end as their striker Eduardo da Silva got a horrific injury in the third minute after a tackle by Birmingham's Martin taylor. Two goals form James McFadden, the first and the last goal of the match salvaged Birmingham from the two goals made by Theo Walcott in the 50th and 55th minute. With the McFadden's 90th minute goal, Arsenal was left stunned, particularly Wiliam Gallas who sat down on the pitch for two minutes before Wenger called him to his feet.

Video clips of the goals of this match can be viewed below. The videos and a picture of the tackle on Eduardo will be posted soon on upcoming entries.

0-1 James McFadden 28"

1-1 Theo Walcott 50"

2-1 Theo Walcott 55"

2-2 James McFadden 90" (penalty kick)

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