Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thinking About Creating An Online Store

From my previous post, I have mentioned how I want to buy a new pair of soccer shoes. Knowing that football is the most popular sport in the world and, that as I type in the words for this blog entry, other people in other parts of our world are playing soccer, training or having their own soccer shoes destroyed also right at this same moment. And I start to wonder how many people are thinking what I’m thinking right now – buying a new pair of soccer shoes. These thoughts led me to imagining setting up my own online store, with my products all about football/ soccer.

What ecommerce software would I choose? I know of a leading provider of a shopping cart software, who offers a complete solution to merchants (or dreaming merchants like me). If I availed of Ashop Commerece’s affordable ecommerce software, in minutes, people searching for football paraphernalias could be could be filling in their shopping carts. I could start selling online right now!

But, let me worry about getting my own stuff first, hold these thoughts and get back to figuring out where I could have my soccer shoes repaired.

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