Thursday, January 17, 2008

Submit Your Favorite Football Videos and Pictures

Hello everyone, especially soccer fanatics, soccer players, soccer hobbyists or even just the curious soccer observers. I am starting a campaign in my blog to add more football videos and pictures of soccer celebrities with the involvement of as many blogs and sites possible. Even contributors with sites unrelated to football or soccer are welcome to join.

Here are the mechanics:

1) You can send a video file or picture file (any format) to my email address, or post a comment for this blog entry and
2) include the link, title and description of the video/s and/or picture/s and
3) share briefly why it is your favorite football video and/or picture.
4) If you send the file through email please post a comment on this blog entry so I can identify you and your blog because...

...contributors will have their blog and football videos and/or pictures featured as entries in my blog and a short positive review (and a link of course) of your blog or site will be included as well. I hope to bring out the soccer interests from among readers through this. Thank you in advance.

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