Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Arsenal's Adebayor Overpowers Newcastle

The whole first half of the match was quite even as Newcastle, rejuvenated under Kevin Keegan, refused to give ground. But Emmanuel Adebayor was just too much for the Magpies as he scored his 17th and 18th goal in 28 games. The two goals of the Togolese came in the 51st and 83rd minute while another goal was credited to Arsenal after an own goal by Nicky Butt just minutes before the end of the match. Video clips of Adebayor’s goals can be viewed below.

1-0 Adebayor 51"

1-0 Adebayor 83"

Man of the match: Adebayor.

Attendance: 60,046.


lankapo said...

the rise of new henry, adebayor has perfecting his finishing skill

Jeff said...

Yeah he's good. I actually never heard of him before but he's been really awesome lately. He might even make it as this league's best footballer. What do you think?