Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Arsenal Leaps Over Fulham

With Emmanuel Adebayor's amazing leaping ability, Arsenal scored the first two goals of the match which ended with a 3-0 score, the third one coming from Rosicky at 81" who sent the ball in from a cross by Eduardo.

The first goal came in the 19th minute when Adebayor rose above Dejan Stefanovic to head in Gaƫl Clichy's cross.

The next goal came in the 38th minute when the Togolese climbed above Moritz Volz to head Alex Hleb's cross inside the same post.

"He's a monster. The big man has jumped as high as the crossbar for his goals. I don't think anyone in the Premier League can mark that. It's a standing jump as well. It's frightening," said Fulham's Jimmy Bullard.

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