Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Advertising in Football and the Web

On Friday, after our football training at the Marikina Sports Park, I plan to meet my college friend and just catch up on each other’s lives. This friend of mine earns a living through his various businesses in the internet. It was he who introduced me to taking opportunities online.

A month ago, I discovered different services in the internet that connect advertisers with bloggers. They provide opportunities for bloggers to blog for money. I mean. people who write blogs can get paid for blogging! What a deal! As for the advertisers, these services offer opportunities to them to advertise on blogs. Smorty is one of these companies that offer blog advertising services to advertisers.

Everytime I watch a football match on television I see lots of advertisers take the opportunity to be seen by paying to post their company logos around the soccer field. Similarly, in the world wide web, advertisers can take opportunities also to advertise, but this time, on blogs. Bloggers and advertisers can avail of the benefits that Smorty’s services has to offer.

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